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I. The Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of U.P. represents on :-
1- Various State Level Tripartite Committees of Udyog Bandhu relating to:
i. Electricity & power
ii. Trade Tax/ Mandi Tax/ Entertainment Tax
iii. Labour/ ESI
iv. PWD/ UPSIDC/ Food and Food Processing/ Exports
v. Housing and Urban Development/ Panchayatiraj, Sugar Mills and Excise
vi. State Financial Institutions and Banks.
vii. PWD/ Irrigation/ Pollution Control etc.
viii. Industrial Development

We also nominate our various Members to represent Chamber on meetings of District and Divisional Level Udyog Bandhu and Shram Bandhu.

2- Various working groups :

i. Electricity
ii. Trade Tax
iii. Infrastructure
iv. Labour
v. Environment
vi. Food Processing Industry
vii. Information Technology
viii. State Financial Corporations and Banks etc.
ix. Textile and Power Looms
x. Drugs and Pharmaceutical
xi. Bio Technology
xii. Automobile

3- Also on :
i. High Power Committee and Task Forces set up by Govt. of U.P.
ii. State Level Inter Institutional Committee (RBI)
iii. U.P. Electricity Regulatory Commission as Member of State Advisory Committee.
iv. Regional Committee(U.P.) of C.P.F. Organization
v. Central Board for Workers Education (Regional Directorate, Kanpur)
vi. Industry Facilitation Committee (D.I., Kanpur)
vii. Inland Water ways

II- We collaborate and co-ordinate, in the interest of our Members, with
Organizations like :

iii- CII
iv- IIA
vi- All India Organization of Employers
vii- Lucknow Management Association
viii- U.P. Export Promotion Bureau
x- Indian Bankers Association/ State Level Banker’s Committee

III- We have Executed MoUs with:
i- Udyog Bandhu (State Level)
ii- Uttar Pradesh Trade Promotion Organization
iii- International Chamber of Commerce (USA)
iv- U.P. State Horticultural Co-operative Marketing Federation (HOFED)
v- Department of Applied Economics, Lucknow University.
vi- World Council for Corporate Governance.
Note : - The above is illustrative and not exhaustive
We shall welcome new Members to enhance our RECIPROCAL STRENGTH