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Type Fees Amount

Patron Member


Life Members On payment of 10 times the annual subscription of the relevant category

Associate Members

(i) Firms, Individuals, and Societies



(a) Capital not exceeding Rs.1 Crore

Rs. 3,500

(b) Capital of more than Rs.1 Crore & upto Rs.2 Crores

Rs. 4,000

(c) Capital of more than Rs.2 Crores & upto Rs.5 Crores

Rs. 5,000

(d) Capital of more than Rs.5 Crores & upto Rs.10 Crores

Rs. 8,000

(e) Capital of more than Rs.10 Crores


Rs. 8,000

Rs. 3,500

ADMISSION FEE (Payment once only)



* GST Extra.
Note:- Capital means Paid-up Capital

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